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Bodyblade is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today. Most other systems work on the principle of the user attempting to lift a weighted item or stretch an elastic band. The Bodyblade, however, works on the opposite premise: Once the ends begin to move, inertia wants to keep them in motion and it's up to you to resist. Thus, the risk of injury through overexertion is greatly reduced.

In addition, Bodyblade will directly impact whatever sport you play by specifically targeting those muscle groups used in a particular sport. Many of the exercises you perform with Bodyblade mimic the same movements athletes use in competition, allowing you to train your body to execute moves faster and with more force.

How does it build muscles?

While the rate of oscillation stays the same, the workout intensifies when the amplitude, or magnitude of the flexing tips, increases. Over the course of just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade® move back and forth 270 times, and that's 270 times your muscles have to resist the movements. The resistance needed to control the blade can range from 1 to 34 pounds depending on the amplitude of the flexing tips

How does Bodyblade create resistance?

Bodyblade is a reactive, oscillating device that utilizes inertia to generate up to 270 muscle contractions per minute. The laws of inertia state that an object set in motion remains in motion until another force acts upon it to stop or change its direction. You push and pull on the apparatus, which accelerates the blade and creates a force due to the flex or amplitude of the blade. The greater the flex, the greater the resistance that is needed by the body to counteract the destabilizing forces delivered into the body. The blade's movement therefore requires the user to contract his or her muscles in order to neutralize these forces.

Which Model Body Blade is right for you?

We supply 3 different models of Bodyblade. They are PRO, Classic, and CXT. This is generally the order of weight/difficulty, thus each model can have slightly different applications and suit different uses. You need to determine which model is best suited to your requirements based on the tables below.

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